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Banksia: Carrisa Nyalu discusses song Wanyarra release via First Sounds Vol. 8

Yorta Yorta Dja Dja Wurrung artist Carissa Nyalu joins Banksia to talk about their song Wanyarra which is performed in Dja Dja Wurrung language and released through indigiTUBE's new First Sounds Vol. 8 compilation.

“Wanyarra just came from my love for water, so means water in Dja Dja Wurrung language, so I sort of wrote it for, you know, the oceans and the rivers.."

"I actually wrote it a while ago, also about my love for country and the land and the sea and the sky as well”

In using language in song, Carissa describes: “It just feels so much more [..] sacred and special, than singing it in English. There’s just something about it [..] kind of takes me to a different place and I think that kind of transcends out to the audience as well, even though people don’t know what I’m singing about, they can feel it."

And with writing Wanyarra in language, Carissa explains: "I hope to do more of that in the future, because not only is it really amazing to be able to sing in those langauges that [..] our ancestors were denied, there's something really powerful about that too."

In discussing the release through the First Sounds Vol. 8 compilation, Carissa mentions they feel honoured to have their song Wanyarra alongside the other amazing First Nations artists.

Carissa runs Ngarrwu a consultancy based on Boonwurrung Country.

The interview is followed by Carissa's songs Wanyarra and Ocean Air.

First Sounds Vol.8 is available via indigiTUBE

Carissa Nyalu
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