Recorded 7 May 2024

Johann Hari - Uncommon Sense

British best-selling author Johann Hari joins Amy Mullins to talk about his excellent new book, Magic Pill, which examines the benefits and risks of controversial new weight-loss drugs, like Ozempic and Wegovy.

Johann has in fact tried this medication himself and is conflicted about whether they are the miracle solution for obesity that they appear to be.

Amy and Johann get into all the nuances of the science and debate around these medications, as well as the real causes of obesity and why people who try to lose weight the old-fashioned way (through diet and exercise) – may initially lose weight but struggle to keep it off. Hint: it actually isn’t your fault.

This interview is essential listening for all people wanting to understand how our modern society has geared us towards obesity, disrupted our metabolic systems and set us up to fail.

Trigger Warning: Body Image, Disordered Eating and Diet Culture

Photo credit: Kathrin Bambauch

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