Recorded 6 March 2018

Ged Kearney and Alex Bhathal - Uncommon Sense

Ahead of the upcoming Federal by-election in the Victorian electorate of Batman, Dylan Bird (filling in for Amy Mullins) was joined on Uncommon Sense by the two opposing candidates from ALP and the Greens to dissect the ins and outs of their respective campaigns: Labor’s ‘captain’s pick’ Ged Kearney and the Greens’ returning candidate Alex Bhathal. Listen back as they flesh out a range of policy issues which are all shaping up to be potential vote-winners in this by-election. They chat: the proposed Carmichael Mine, workers’ rights, asylum seeker policy and housing issues, what are each of their views and why?

Ged Kearney, Dylan Bird and Alex Bhathal
Listen to Ged Kearney and Alex Bhathal - Uncommon Sense12:546 March 2018