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Do you want to hear your music played on Triple R?

Chances are we do too.

Triple R is committed to helping new and emerging artists... well, emerge. Commercial potential is not a factor when submitting music to Triple R. That is not to say we don't have discerning tastes here, but we foster creativity and diversity.

Triple R is UNPLAYLISTED. Each show presenter selects each track they play. This ensures that a multitude of diverse ears will hear your music and consider it for airplay but also means, to reach those ears, more than one disc is required.

There are two ways you can submit your music to Triple R:

1. Directly Service:

If you are familiar with the Triple R program grid, you may feel your music is suited to certain Triple R shows. In this case, directly service those programs with your CD and bio to the address below. Address one of those CD bio packages to the Music Coordinator and let him know who you've ‘directly serviced'. This will avoid the dreaded ‘doubling up' in allocation.

2. Via the Music Coordinator

If you are unsure which program your music is best suited to, the Music Coordinator is ready to assist. Hence the title 'Music Coordinator'. Send copies of your CD and the same number of copies of your bio addressed to Music Coordinator:

Triple R FM
PO Box 2145
Brunswick East VIC 3057

It’s also possible to email a 320Kbps MP3 or a .WAV file of your music release to music.coordinator@rrr.org.au

It will then be listened to and allocated to programs that are most likely to play it. Note that airplay is at the discretion of the presenters.

You'll find information about requesting an interview on our music interview page.

We also have an online Gig Guide. If you're a subscriber you will be able to post the details yourself for display on the website.

For all other music inquiries please email music.coordinator@rrr.org.au

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