Triple R Soundscape: 23 July 2018

Soundscape is a weekly look at local and international releases making an impression on our musical radar. The list offers a cross section of EPs and albums arriving at the station.

The Internet - Hive Mind (Columbia/Sony) Album of the Week

Jen Cloher – ‘Live at The Loft and Loew's’ EP (Milk! Records/Remote Control)

Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton - Keep On Trying (Osborne Again Records)

Buddy - Harlan & Alondra (Sony)

Powell - New Beat Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (XL Recordings / Remote Control Records)

More information here

Deaf Wish - Lithium Zion (Sub Pop/Inertia)

Harmony - Double Negative (Poison City)

S U R F I N G - Incubo™ (Coastal Recordings)

Pram - Across The Meridian (Domino/EMI)

Jitwam – ‘Purple’ EP (The Jazz Diaries)