Triple R Soundscape: 13 May 2019

Soundscape is a weekly look at local and international releases making an impression on our musical radar. The list offers a cross section of EPs and albums arriving at the station.

We have been busily scouring the Soundscape! Check out some of our favourite finds for this week 13 May 2019

DJ Yoda - Home Cooking (Lewis Recordings)**Album of the Week

The acclaimed English producer and DJ enlists star collaborators Nubya Garcia, Theon Cross, Henry Wu and Andrew Ashong to create a rich and lush record of soulful 90s hip hop, vibrant London jazz and skilled turntable slicing and sampling.

Jamila Woods - LEGACY! LEGACY! (Inertia/Jagjaguwar)

The Chicago Artist’s second release is both deeply introspective as well as a showcase for the talent of others. Paying tribute to her cultural lineage, the soul singer celebrates 12 of her heroes on the 12 tracks of the album, including the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Miles Davis and Sonia Sanchez .

Monnone Alone - Summer Of The Mosquito (The Lost And Lonesome Recording Co.)

Fronted by former Lucksmith member, Mark Monnone, Summer of the Mosquito comes 6 years after their debut Together at Last. In this time, the group have cultivated their sound and assembled a new lineup of established talent, resulting in a sun-drenched collection of slick Australian indie-pop.

Holly Herndon - Proto (4AD/Remote Control)

On her third full length, the American composer, sound artist and academic continues to explore the relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence, and the possibilities this nexus can create for music. For this album, she assembled a group of contemporary vocalists and contributors to interact with her own A.I. ‘baby’ Spawn - an inhuman intelligence housed in a DIY gaming PC. The result is a record which reveals live vocal processing, folk singing and alien song-craft.

Laurence Pike - Holy Spring (The Leaf Label / Redeye Worldwide)

On his second album, the Australian electronic musician and improvisational drummer takes inspiration from Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, aiming to “connect with something universal.” Pike effectively makes use of technology to expand the sonic and expressive potential of the drum kit, while keeping the feeling grounded in human expression.

Clinic - Wheeltappers and Shunters (Domino)

The veteran Liverpudlian art-punk eccentrics dust off their synthesizers and drum machines after a seven year hiatus to conjure up a fragmented and satirical vision of Britain’s seedy past in an efficient 12 tracks over 30 minutes.

Nots - 3 (Upset The Rhythm)

The Memphis post-punk outfit continue to expand their range, harnessing synth-pop, industrial and noise sounds, while continuing their ferocious, hook-driven racket and exploring themes of liberation and being up for the fight.

J. Lamotta - Suzume (Jakarta Records)

Recorded in several studios in Berlin and involving 24 musicians from around the world, Suzume finds the Tel Aviv born soul singer-songwriter at her collaborative and expressive best, deliberately widening her perspective of humanity, while also zooming in on her own highly personal stories.

Death and Vanilla - Are You a Dreamer (Fire Records)

The Swedish dream-pop group follow up their acclaimed Where the Wild Things Are with an accomplished collection of psych-folk, incorporating baroque instrumentation (harpsichords, mellotrons), with ethereal vocals and skittering percussion.

Mac Demarco - Here Comes the Cowboy (Mac’s Record Label / Caroline International)

The goofball Canadian synth-balladeer and guitar-jangler channels John Lennon’s early solo work with Here Comes the Cowboy, a restrained, meditative and sometimes lonely drift through Demarco’s psyche, only occasionally opening the curtains to take a look at what’s going on outside.