Triple R Soundscape: 12 August 2019

Soundscape is a weekly look at local and international releases making an impression on our musical radar. The list offers a cross section of EPs and albums arriving at the station.

We have been busily scouring the Soundscape! Check out some of our favourite finds for this week 12 August 2019'

The Teskey Brothers - Run Home Slow (Ivy League Records/Mushroom Group Promotions)**Album of the Week

The second album from the Warrandyte four-piece displays their love of traditional soul and blues, combined with southern rock, Americana, jazz and psychedelic folk.

Parsnip - When the Tree Bear Fruit (Our Golden Friend)

Parsnip’s debut full length is a compelling collection of playful, poetic, propulsive punk. Finding inspiration in children’s verse and nursery rhymes, the Melbourne quartet explore the romantic spectacle of the everyday.

Angie McMahon - Salt (AWAL Recordings/This Much Talent)

With songs which travel the full dynamic spectrum from dawdling intimacy to cranking rock, Angie McMahon has released an honest and romantic album ruminating on life, love and takeaway food.

Purple Pilgrims - Perfumed Earth (Flying Nun Records/Brain Drain PR)

The New Zealand dream-folk siblings release their second full length, delivering timeless tales of romance, death, isolation and regret over otherworldly and soaring electronics.

Marika Hackman - Any Human Friend (AMF Records / Caroline Australia)

The London based songwriter releases her third album, singing frankly of sex and love, the complexities of queer desire and the binary of loneliness and partying while being in your 20s in a major city.

Ainslie Wills - All You Have Is All You Need (Positive Feedback)

The Melbourne songwriter follows up her much-loved debut You’ll Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine with the lush and complex All You Have is All You Need. Wills layers her singular rich vocal melodies over minimal and delicately arranged acoustic guitar, piano and synth lines.

ATOM - In Every Dream Home (Remixes)(IT Records)

The debut from the Melbourne synth-punk band is a short, fast ride on group vocals, dirty sweeping guitars, helicopter synths and drum machines, settling in the legacy of The Cramps, Suicide and the B52s .

Wagons - Songs From The Aftermath (Caroline Australia)

Following a 5 year hiatus, Wagons release a collection of intellectual folk-rock and Americana, evoking memories of places visited and people met, where the past meets the present, like visions of driving along unfamiliar roads and abandoned western movie sets.

Afrodeutsche - Break Before Make (SKAM)

Break Before Make is the British born Ghanian/Russian/German artist’s debut album. With nods to Detroit’s seminal electro-techno sound, Henrietta Rolla-Smith builds her tracks from a combination of improvisation and preparation, the result of many years honing her craft as a fixture of the Manchester underground scene.

Moon B - Udaya (Hoop Sound)

The LA based electro-funk producer takes a step outside his comfort zone, moving away from his preferred arsenal of vintage analogue gear to conjure up 8 cuts of slick, lo-fi tunes using the full power of his iPad.