Triple R Soundscape: 11 November 2019

Soundscape is a weekly look at local and international releases making an impression on our musical radar. The list offers a cross section of EPs and albums arriving at the station.

We have been busily scouring the Soundscape! Check out some of our favourite finds for this week 11 November 2019.

Surprise Chef - All News Is Good News (College of Knowledge Records)**Album of the Week

The Melbourne based soul outfit drops their solo debut on local label College of Knowledge Records, home of recent hyped releases by the likes of Karate Boogaloo and The Pro-Teens. The record is an exhibition of the value of community creativity and collaboration, with much of the record played, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by friends and colleagues of the group.

Sault - 7 (Forever Living Originals)

Hot on the heels of their exhilarating debut, Sault return with their sophomore full length, 7. The elusive collective propel their signature hybrid of funk, dance, post-punk, soul and disco.

Bella Boo - Once Upon A Passion (Studio Barnhus)

The debut studio LP by Bella Boo establishes the LA-based producer as one of dance's more distinctive new voices. Featuring collaborators such as Gnucci, Def Sound, Nils Janson and Axel Boman.

Michael Kiwanuka - Kiwanuka (Polydor)

The London singer-songwriter enlisted Danger Mouse and Inflo to produce his new release, resulting in an album whose slickly produced exterior conceals it’s anguished soul

Andy Stott - It Should Be Us (Modern Love)

The UK producer drops his third club-focused EP following an extended period of silence. It Should Be Us exhibits the Manchurian’s capacity for enthralling and at times dark, raw and slow club sounds.

OMMA - 1905 (Antinote)

The Russian producer drops her first release on Antidote after a decade releasing music, DJing and producing in her native Moscow. 1905 utilises DIY devices such as Yamaha sampler vss-33, voice glitcher, and organelle synths to sing about her daily routines in the dark, snowy landscapes of Russia’s capital.

Anna Meredith - FIBS (Moshi Moshi)

FIBS shows Anna Merideth overhauling and updating her sound-world, swapping out her old MIDI patches for brand new acoustic and electronic instruments, and a more intense writing and performing process.

Lucy Dacus - 2019 (Matador/Remote Control)

The Virginian songwriter follows up her two acclaimed releases No Burden and Historian, as well as her stint in the collaborative group Boy Genius with Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers. 2019 foregrounds Dacus as a versatile and captivating voice in late 2010’s indie music-making.

Omni - Networker (Sub Pop/Inertia)

Omni debuts with superpower indie label Sub-Pop with Networker. Cleaning up their sound from their lo-fi origins, the group reveal their capacity for nuance and meticulous arrangements, while maintaining the sounds of their 70s British post-punk influences.

Earl Sweatshirt - Feet of Clay (Warner Records)

The endlessly captivating, and one time incarcerated teen rapper proves that he still has a lot to offer deep into his twenties, with Feet of Clay. His second EP sees the inscrutable MC letting his guard down and moving ever more insular with an extremely short 15 minute project.