Triple R Soundscape: 5 August 2019

Soundscape is a weekly look at local and international releases making an impression on our musical radar. The list offers a cross section of EPs and albums arriving at the station.

We have been busily scouring the Soundscape! Check out some of our favourite finds for this week 5 August 2019

Sault - 5 (Forever Living Originals)**Album Of The Week

The elusive London trio release one of the most intriguing debuts of the year. 5 is an incendiary blend of new wave, post-punk, R&B, hip hop, funk, soul, and dub sounds.

Ty Segall - First Taste (Drag City/Spunk)

The prolific Californian returns after releasing four albums in 2018 alone. On First Taste, the rocker - usually married to his axe - abandons guitar altogether, relying on keyboards, percussion and string instrumentation, yet somehow remains true to his signature garage-psych sound.

Nérija - Blume (Domino)

The London jazz collective Nerija exhibit their deep understanding of mood, temperament and expression with Blume. Revealing the strength of their musical bond and friendship, the Septet capture a certain controlled and infectious chaos.

Tender Buttons - Of Course We Still Love You (Independent)

Named after a certain Space X drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean, Of Course We Still Love You reveals the Melbourne quartet's love of space, both in their galactic concerns and composition style. The EP is a dreamy wash of reverbed guitars, 808 drum beats and melancholic lyricism.

Rocket Science - Snake (It Records)

Coming 10 years after their last album, Snake finds the Melbourne post-punk crew re-energised and unrelenting, charging through 10 tracks of snarling vocals, shredding guitars and explosive freak-outs.

Clairo - Immunity (Fader/Caroline Australia)

The viral bedroom-pop star releases her debut LP following the break-out of single “Pretty Girl”. Expanding on her sound with big-name producer Dave Fridmann, Immunity is full of lush ballads reverbed keyboards and even children’s choirs.

Spod - Adult Fantasy (Rice Is Nice)

Adult Fantasy is the fourth studio album, and the first in five years from the one-time main-stay of the mid noughties Sydney electronic scene. Propelled by glittering synths, SPOD ruminates on the joys and pitfalls of growing older, accepting the inevitable, but celebrating the march through the trenches of time.

Terry - 'Who Is Terry' Ep (Upset The Rhythm)

The Melbourne post-punk quartet release their third EP, combining easy wordplay with deeply considered political commentary, jangling guitars, wobbly synths, and satisfying gang vocals. Who Is Terry encapsulates Terry’s innate ability to capture the traumatic within infectious pop song-writing.

The Teskey Brothers - Run Home Slow (Ivy League Records/Mushroom Group)

The four piece from Warrandyte display their innate and deep love and understanding of American soul and blues, while maintaining the easy folk-charm of country Australia.

Your Old Droog - It Wasn't Even Close (Mongoloid Banks)

The surprise fourth album from Your Old Droog finds the Coney Island rapper at his gifted and witty best, with stripped back 90s production, grimy wordplay and an impressive cast of collaborators from the grime underworld including Doom and Wiki.