Triple R Soundscape: 16 October 2023

Maple Glider - I Get Into Trouble (Pieeater / Partisan / twnty three) *** AOTW

Jamila Woods - Water Made Us (Jagjaguwar / Inertia Music)

Helena Deland - Goodnight Summerland (Chivi Chivi)

Lower Plenty - No Poets (Bedroom Suck Records)

The Seven Ups - A Free Flowing Wind (Northside Records)

Porpoise Spit - Don’t Quit (Psychic Hysteria)

Rebel Yell - Desolation (Dinosaur City)

Persecution Blues - Downright Dirty (Cheersquad Records and Tapes / Hearts & Minds Agency)

Popular Music - Minor Works (Sanitarium Sound Services)

Squidgenini – All The Way (Beats Of No Nation)