RRR Summer Program Generic 2020
Playlist for Weird + Hungry – 6 January 2021
  • Winter BluesJJ Doom
  • Holes In EverythingThe Stroppies
  • WoeThe Cannanes
  • Love Grows ColdSelf Control
  • CockroachesThe Terminals
  • Approachable MembersThe Red Engine Group
  • She Likes DirtLove Tan
  • SuperstitionDrinking Electricity
  • CopsXEX
  • Let'$ Be ModerneThe Sunday Painters
  • Life's WorkHandle
  • Me AliveGen Pop
  • PentagonHi-Sherrifs of Blue
  • RentNeutrals
  • Into The GardenArtery
  • CharlieComet Gain
  • Passion For TransportationHygiene
  • Taven's GavelSwan Wash
  • FollowingIll Winds
  • Pure (No. 1)Peter Gutteridge
  • Shut Us OutThe Coolies
  • Ice Is MeltingPiece War
  • Quiet RoomPrivacy Issues
  • From The StartBlues Lawyer
  • Merciless CinemaAgents
  • A Time Of EvilThe Lighthouse Keepers
  • Eyes of JohannaThe Garbage & The Flowers
  • This Happy SadnessReal Numbers
  • Wasted Poets OverflowedViolent Change
  • A Silver Key Can Open an Iron Lock SomewhereCarla Dal Forno

About this program

For those sitting inside + looking out, and those standing outside + looking in. Slow + fast, heavy + soft, profound + profane, conventional + experimental — there is no in-between. The Middle of the Road. Was that Felt…? No, it was Denim. Dig in deep or enjoy splashing around in the filthy shallow puddle. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling WEIRD + HUNGRY. Music with Tom AM.