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cosmic music new + vintage, plus a 15 min guided zen meditation on contemplating the void (as you do) 🌱🫖🤍

Playlist for Voyage of the Dawn Treader – 23 May 2022
  • Slow Motion BlackbirdChris Merrick Hughes
  • Wind ChimesBeach Boys
  • On the High SeasDolphins Into The Future
  • ArchipelagoJeremiah Chiu, Marta Sofia Honer
  • AmphiphodaLau Nau
  • Factory BathWalt McClements
  • First ArrivalSteve Roach, Frank Beissel
  • Becoming a StoneFélicia Atkinson
  • Woodland EncounterPatricia Wolf
  • Redwood DawnPeter Davison
  • Void Contemplation TacticsDaniel ‘Cosmic Chambo’ Chamberlin
  • On BeingMargot Blue
  • HousewarmingHydroplane
  • Kauri Island IVOV PAIN
  • In A Quarry...Far, Far AwayEx Ponto

About this program

Music to cultivate stillness and peace. Guided meditations, healing vibrations, deep space explorations. New age, spiritual jazz, nature sounds, ambient blissouts, poetry and dreamscapes for early risers, or late night comedowns.