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Playlist for Voyage of the Dawn Treader – 2 August 2021
  • Slow Motion BlackbirdChris Merrick Hughes
  • May There Be PeaceEmma-Jean Thackray
  • MercuryEmma-Jean Thackray
  • Journey to EnlightenmentCarlos Garnett
  • Journey To Bliss - Part 1Emil Richards and the Microtonal Blues Band
  • Thanks A LotRaffi
  • Nursery RhymesBaka Forest People Of Southeast Cameroon
  • feathering our own nestsPeter Mummé
  • RadianceVicki Hansen
  • Glide VPeter Davison
  • Remote VisionChroma Field
  • ReflectionShuta Yasukochi
  • You Are Every MemoryLucy Liyou
  • The Happy SeaColleen
  • Blue DissolveMystic Chords Of Memory, Nobody
  • I’d Swear There Was Somebody HereDavid Crosby
  • Deep HarmonyMilkyway Outcast
  • Free Your MindWai Lana
  • Guided Meditation For Lucid DreamsDick Sutphen
  • In Soft WaterC.R. Gillespie
  • Inward Outward SkywardDustin Wong
  • Roll (Zoe Polanski remix)Kumi Takahara
  • Angel PlayIasos
  • Inner Faint LightChris & Cosey
  • A Year In A MinuteFennesz

About this program

Music to cultivate stillness and peace. Guided meditations, healing vibrations, deep space explorations. New age, spiritual jazz, nature sounds, ambient blissouts, poetry and dreamscapes for early risers, or late night comedowns.