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Playlist for Voyage of the Dawn Treader – 12 April 2021
  • Slow Motion BlackbirdChris Merrick Hughes
  • Sun SongMalcolm Cecil
  • Royal FernGreen-House
  • Wonder WhyDune Wind, Nailah Hunter
  • Mr. SophisticationIlyas Ahmed, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
  • ConstellationChuck Johnson
  • La’āli’Field Works
  • Magic SphereWoo, Seahawks
  • IFlorian T M Zeisig
  • NorLoren Connors, Oren Ambarchi
  • Patterned FormationHannah Peel
  • Cotton Candy Sky (Dead God Theme)Animal Collective
  • Invocation / No WordsMtume Umoja Ensemble
  • A Better WorldSun Ra
  • Hail H.I.M. In AcapellaSis Rasheda
  • The OceanMichael Nesmith
  • Song of the Andoumboulou: 50Nathaniel Mackey
  • EndingBruce Langhorne
  • To The AirHaruomi Hosono
  • Saturn Rules the Material WorldSaD

About this program

Music to cultivate stillness and peace. Guided meditations, healing vibrations, deep space explorations. New age, spiritual jazz, nature sounds, ambient blissouts, poetry and dreamscapes for early risers, or late night comedowns.