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Playlist for Voyage of the Dawn Treader – 8 March 2021
  • Slow Motion BlackbirdChris Merrick Hughes
  • Small Reptiles on the Forest FloorPauline Anna Strom
  • SleepClaire Hamill
  • Evening Night fall - Fire, cricket, wine glass etcAi Yamamoto
  • strange kind of in between thingGrace Ferguson
  • Elizabeth StreetBridget Chappell
  • Yaponesia SakuraNew Child
  • Grass GrowDolphin Midwives
  • Your DreamsSarah Louise
  • WaterfallLaura Allan
  • Port AnaNadia Khan
  • Floral Meditation 黃露儀Luise Huang
  • Lapus LazuliFrancesca Heart
  • The Space BetweenJoanna Brouk
  • QuquincoQoa
  • Untitled (At Alaron, Side A)Constance Demby
  • Here BeforeVashti Bunyan

About this program

Music to cultivate stillness and peace. Guided meditations, healing vibrations, deep space explorations. New age, spiritual jazz, nature sounds, ambient blissouts, poetry and dreamscapes for early risers, or late night comedowns.