Tim Thorpe illustration by Edith Vignal
Playlist for Vital Bits – 17 July 2021
  • The PilgrimWillebrant
  • The Old WorldThe Seven-Ups
  • Eghass MalanLes Filles de Illighadad
  • Straight to the Morning (Myd remix)Hot Chip w/Jarvis Cocker
  • Thinker's DiseaseMorgan Wright
  • Bitter StreetsSault
  • Winter SunEarth to Malachi
  • Pale Winter SunThe Large Number Twelves
  • Pale Forms Run ByAmon Tobin
  • JuneKinematic
  • Rainy DaysDebauch
  • One MorningHappy Axe
  • DesireThe Goon Sax
  • Cinema EnginesReality Instructors
  • The WheelCilla Jane
  • HimNgaiire
  • From a Spark to a FireDamon Locks
  • Now (Forever Momentary Space)Damon Locks - Black Monument Ensemble
  • CatchEmma Russack and Lachlan Denton
  • All Things Will ChangeJess Locke
  • EscapeKerryn Fields
  • GirlfriendJonathan Richman
  • Go To FarMantis and the Prayer
  • BikePink Floyd
  • I Know YouMantis and the Prayer
  • PossessionIron Butterfly
  • Never Let You GoHannah Ackfield

About this program

Filling the space between the Graveyard Shift and Things To Do Today (presented by Edith Vignal and Bec Grech) with music, occasional guests and weekly chats with taxi-driving farming horticulturalist Bohdan, and bicycle mechanic and enthusiast Marcus Walker.

Interview requests: samc@rrr.org.au