Tim Thorpe
Playlist for Vital Bits – 28 February 2021
  • A Storm To BeginIKSRE
  • I Can't HideArthur Russell
  • Used to HideGhost Towns of the Midwest
  • Rock'n'Roll is Where I HideDave Graney
  • Nobody Knows UsAnna Cordell
  • Labour of LoveFrente
  • Song With No TreesSid Rumpo
  • Too Fast For MeThe Cruel Sea
  • Out of the BlueThe Spoils
  • My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)Neil Young
  • Streets of MelbourneMikelangelo
  • This City Rose Wintergreen
  • West BrunswickHelen Begley
  • St Kilda SkylineSarah Carroll, George Wilson and Marcel Borrack
  • Crystal BallVan Walker
  • How Far Down (Can I Go)Jeremy Hanley
  • Lucky AgainCrayon Fields
  • Odessa (City On The Black Sea)Bee Gees
  • How Deep Is Your LoveMi-Kaisha
  • TrickyLaura Macfarlane
  • Time of No Reply Nick Drake
  • Time Has Told MeKrystle Warren
  • Get Myself TogetherLiz Stringer
  • Time To Stop Yout IdlingElizabeth Cotten
  • Freight TrainElizabeth Cotten
  • Praying Time will Soon Be OverElizabeth Cotten
  • Hazy HorizonDavid Cosma
  • The Other SideDyson Stringer Cloher
  • StrangerYL Hooi
  • You Be YouThis Way North
  • Mother's Not Feeling Herself TodaySusannah Espie
  • I FeelLisa Caruso
  • Lavender FieldsNick Cave and Warren Ellis
  • Dry FantasyMogwai
  • Spa CountryImperial Leather

About this program

Filling the space between the Graveyard Shift and Things To Do Today (presented by Edith Vignal and Bec Grech) with music, occasional guests and weekly chats with taxi-driving farming horticulturalist Bohdan, and bicycle mechanic and enthusiast Marcus Walker.

Interview requests: samc@rrr.org.au