Tim Thorpe
Playlist for Vital Bits – 24 May 2020
  • Do I Cut The Blue Wire or The LimewireKarate Boogaloo
  • Californian Carpark ConcreteAnnie Hamilton
  • Sack Full of DreamsDonny Hathaway
  • March VioletsAndy Weatherall
  • One More Cup Of CoffeeBob Dylan
  • Dawn Of Another DayBrian Auger
  • Beware of DarknessGeorge Harrison
  • Too Dark To SeeConway Savage
  • The King of All BirdsAoife O'Donovan
  • Darkness Into LightThe Meltdown
  • The SidewinderLee Morgan
  • Sian EvansThe Definition of...
  • Sometimes Good People Do Bad ThingsTaylah Carroll
  • Cry Me A RiverBrian Auger
  • I'll Be GoneSpectrum
  • Always AloneBen Mason
  • Product x ProdigyJarrow
  • Tail LightSweet Whirl
  • Double ExposureWandl
  • A Day OffIKSRE
  • Jesus is on the WirePeter Paul and Mary
  • Wayfaring StrangerPeter Paul and Mary
  • Don't Think Twice It's All RightElvis Presley
  • Death Of Emmett Till & ConversationBob Dylan (with Cynthia Gooding)
  • All Along The WatchtowerBob Dylan
  • I Shall Be ReleasedNina Simone
  • A Hard Rain's Gonna FallBob Dylan
  • Tomorrow Is A Long TimeElvis Presley
  • Sweet Child Of MineGeorgia Fields
  • First FrostLiz Stringer
  • Blyth Street Nocturne (part)Surprise Chef

About this program

Filling the space between the Graveyard Shift and Things To Do Today (presented by Edith Vignal and Bec Grech) with music, occasional guests and weekly chats with taxi-driving farming horticulturalist Bohdan, and bicycle mechanic and enthusiast Marcus Walker.

Interview requests: samc@rrr.org.au