Under the Sun
Playlist for Under The Sun – 24 October 2021
  • various artistsUTS opening mix
  • Freedom Sounds (live)Skatelites
  • Free the CitySurf City
  • Down at the Rock and Roll ClubRichard Hell and The Voidoids
  • My PalGod
  • Sweet Sticky RevolutionAustralian Art Orchestra
  • Out Side Has to WinGodspeed you Black Emperor
  • Little SuicidesGolden Palaminos
  • Liamentto y Tango BoliviaGato Babieiri
  • Contemplating Jazz (D'Afros Picky Head Dub)Attica Blues
  • Gun St GirlsTom Waits
  • Sentimental WalkErik Satie
  • Charlotte RamplingDecoder Ring
  • Stanley the Cat is MissingSkybelly
  • Parallel UniverseGeoff Kevin
  • Holding OnMike Noga
  • Michael JacksonNegativeland
  • CapeloaderTall Dwarfs
  • AutoluminescentPony Face
  • Flaming HeartCong Josie
  • Be And Bring Me HomeNeko Case
  • Float AwayCharles Jenkins
  • ResurrectionToya Delazy

About this program

Explorations of musical worlds, multi genre clash and deconstruction, shooting music from both barrels at the radio canvas: musical play in the sonic spray.

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Playlists posted below for the curious!

I am also writing, directing and co-producing a documentary about the late David McComb.