Under the Sun
Playlist for Under The Sun – 14 March 2021
  • various artistsUTS opening mix
  • For NizotakeEthnic Heritage Ensemble
  • Check it outSpace invadas
  • Almost BlackJames White and the Blacks Almost Black
  • Another Clockwork DayArab Strap
  • BeastsMaggie Alley
  • Deadly KeithyeeethalDeadly Cradle Death
  • Jean Batten and Ameila Earheart / vs Loops and TopologyJean Batten and Ameila Earheart / vs Loops and Topology
  • SeagullTren Brothers
  • I See SeaweedThe Drones
  • Heavy Denim Loop pt 2Stereolab
  • This Perfect DayThe Fall
  • Vietnam Lafwndah remixTricky
  • Cry To MeSolomon Burke
  • BamballaThe Pharoahs
  • Somebody Was WatchingPops Staples
  • HAILBitch Diesel
  • Tomi TomiSol K Bright and the Aloha Serenders
  • MoscowFuture Sound of Island
  • Mother Africa Feeding Sista IndiaFundamental
  • Behind the Garages of this CountrySean M Whelan and the Mimeset
  • The Whole World's About to SlideSimon Breed/Friends of David McComb
  • YemayaChillum trio feat coki and yeni
  • 23 SkidooEric Random
  • Brown RiceDon Cherry

About this program

Explorations of musical worlds, multi genre clash and deconstruction, shooting music from both barrels at the radio canvas: musical play in the sonic spray.

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Playlists posted below for the curious!

I am also writing, directing and co-producing a documentary about the late David McComb.