Under the Sun
Playlist for Under The Sun – 22 November 2020
  • various artistsUTS opening mix
  • Off the Beaten Track (live)African Head Charge
  • All Tied UpFleshen Fella
  • TwatJohn Cooper Clarke
  • I Don't KnowNarrow Adventure
  • Hollow Victories in Godforsaken LandsSteven R Smith
  • A Thing Called JoySinead o Brien
  • SuppullulumaIlhan Ersahin Istanbul Sessions feat Alp Ersonmez, Tungut Alp Bekoglu, Izzet Kizil
  • label interviewWreckless enterprises
  • I Give UpMoot
  • I Don't Wanna LeaveThe Tropes
  • Mindbomb (punk as fuck)Sheryl Shiraz
  • Every Friday nightEverything is Recorded with Maria Somerville
  • NightporterJAPAN
  • What's He Building In There?Tom Waits
  • We Will Sin TogetherJehnny Beth
  • Satta Massa GannaThe Abyssinians
  • WilmotSabres of Paradise
  • Down with the KingRun Dmc
  • Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space CampShilpa Ray
  • Song for Randy Newman etcThe Chills
  • Golden HairSyd Barrett
  • Turkish song of the DamnedThe Pogues
  • Hennyweed BuckdanceTheo Parrish
  • Angel's PharmarcyActress (feat Zsela)
  • Golden BoyBasement Spaceman
  • jesus I was evildarcy clay (live)
  • I Want to Look Like Darcy ClayChris Knox
  • Sheep's ShadowChui Wan

About this program

Explorations of musical worlds, multi genre clash and deconstruction, shooting music from both barrels at the radio canvas: musical play in the sonic spray.

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I am also writing, directing and co-producing a documentary about the late David McComb.