Under the Sun
Listen to Under The Sun – 16 February 202002:00:0016 February 2020


  • Under The Sun: Rob McComb Discusses the Tribute Project for His Brother, Legendary Singer David McComb

Rob McComb joins Jonathan in the studio to talk about the David McComb tribute album.

Playlist for Under The Sun – 16 February 2020
  • various artistsUTS opening mix
  • Anarchy of SoundWrangler
  • Lele BaleAdebukonla Aiao and Her Group
  • Work With OutSarah Webster Fabio
  • The Chinese are ComingSMZB
  • The World World's about to SlideSimon Breed and the Friends of David McComb
  • interviewRob McComb
  • Lucky For SomeJP Shilo
  • Self-Made ManCable Ties
  • E. ColiThrobbing Gristle
  • cake and wordsMel Sharpe and Jim Coyle
  • Alone, Omen 3King Krule
  • Like David McCombSimon Breed
  • Blonde Redhead / Devastations When the Road Runs OutWhen the Road Runs Out
  • Pussywhistle TeaCS Kreme
  • 2266 CambridgeCut Chemist
  • Parliament of SpidersMachine Translations
  • Stronger StanceJadida
  • Supertouch (ft m8riarchy)Simona Castricum
  • Anybody KnowBike
  • Mieu Noeme (City of God OST)Antonio Pinto
  • i Kaneda (Akira OST)Yamashiro Shoji

About this program

Explorations of musical worlds, multi genre clash and deconstruction, shooting music from both barrels at the radio canvas: musical play in the sonic spray.

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Playlists posted below for the curious!

I am also writing, directing and co-producing a documentary about the late David McComb.