TNK #109 - New Roza Terenzi, Sleep D, Efficient Space '3AM Spares' and a tribute to prolific Melbourne musician Zac Denton.

Playlist for Tomorrow Never Knows – 3 November 2018
  • SplitThe Ocean Party
  • Wrong ThingsHobby Farm
  • HomeThe Ocean Party
  • ShadowCiggie Witch
  • First KissPregnancy
  • Long WeekendCiggie Witch
  • Rain On TinThe Ocean Party
  • PlateauMotohiko Hamase
  • Terrazza Sul MareThe Mystic Jungle Tribe
  • Galaxy LatinaD.E.
  • Marimba Do Mar (Cos/Mes Version)Roberto Lododa
  • Simi RappGbedu Blay Ambolley
  • CatchyYan Tregger
  • Three Way Situation (James Glass Edit)Nadie La Fond
  • Nu World (Vocal Edit)Nu Guinea
  • Is this Your First Time (Artificial Remix)Sobriquet
  • Mongungi (Dance Mix)Maroochy Barambah
  • Paranoia On TapRoza Terenzi
  • Shock TempoSleep D
  • TodayPablo's Eye
  • Vicky Can't FlyKirkis

About this program

Turn off your mind and float down stream every Saturday night as Emerald plays everything from the emerging to the internationally renowned. With two hours of tunes spanning neo-soul to rock 'n' roll. Tomorrow Never Knows charts the differences between the parties of tonight and the headaches of tomorrow.