Tomorrow Never Knows Program Image 2020
Playlist for Tomorrow Never Knows – 9 May 2020
  • Sleeping InLaptop Funeral
  • Yr Too PoliteSulk
  • WavesNorthern Lights
  • I Don't Suppose I'll Have a Second ChanceToy Tambourine
  • Completed Extract From The Previous 7"Hydroplane
  • HolidayHit the Jackpot
  • Portland, OregonThe Cat's Miaow
  • Legend Never FailsTender Engines
  • Yesterday BoyThe Carousel
  • Mine Your Own BusinessHoneyBunch
  • CoffeeThe Sugargliders
  • Scatter Good FriendsThe Springfields
  • Window to the worldWhirlywirld
  • Dreams (Demo)Ironing Music
  • DafelStinky Fire Engine
  • PuffyConstant Mongrel
  • CeremonyGalaxie 500
  • World to WinTidy
  • Night Moth Theme (Demo)Night Moth
  • VivienneThe Cannanes
  • I Won't Have To Think About YouEven As We Speak
  • Do Your ThingThe Clean
  • Scrambles EggsScott & Charlene's Wedding
  • Bring Me DownTwerps
  • Hold Me NowBoomgates
  • My Style, My SubstanceThe Stroppies
  • Fast CarsThe Stevens
  • Esoteric TizzFree Time
  • OptimisticMolasses
  • TreacleCrabstick
  • Broken BrainClag
  • Sign Across MeThe Pastels
  • Dawn's ChorusThe Irony Board
  • Sunlight Bathed The Golden GlowFelt
  • GodsendBeat Happening

About this program

Turn off your mind and float down stream every Saturday night as Emerald plays everything from the emerging to the internationally renowned. With two hours of tunes spanning neo-soul to rock 'n' roll. Tomorrow Never Knows charts the differences between the parties of tonight and the headaches of tomorrow.