Temple of Doom
Playlist for The Temple Of Doom – 24 January 2023
  • SuspendedMessa
  • Harvest of the DruidWitchskull
  • Dying InsideSaint Vitus
  • The Clock Strikes ForeverTurtle Skull
  • LA BrownDuneeater
  • Magnetic ManElectric Citizen
  • Green LakePlanet of The 8's
  • Smiling ThrushBoss Keloid
  • Shihi HutuThe HU
  • Chakh LeBloodywood
  • Pardon me, I Have To Leave NowHANABIE
  • End of DaysNecronomidol
  • DissensionNemophilia
  • We Love SweetsHANABIE.
  • El fantasma de BelgradoMecanicos
  • Heavy Metal SaltsSolar Corona
  • HollergoblinBook of Wyrms
  • Blood SpillerCave In

About this program

At the juncture of sonic annihilation, astral transcendence, temporal displacement and universal rhythms, stands… The Temple of Doom!