Temple of Doom
Playlist for The Temple of Doom – 27 December 2022
  • EntwinedKing Woman
  • The RatcatcherTreebeard
  • Luring Alluring RingsHowling Giant
  • THe FamilyDirty Pagans
  • BinbealComacozer
  • TraustHeilung
  • All The Things I WasFrayle
  • Don't Follow The LightsHammers Of Misfortune
  • Oracle'sMuN
  • Star DestroyerOHM Rune
  • Omniscient MessiahSons Of Arrakis
  • To DustYour Highness
  • The TempleSumeru
  • NevermoreSwarm
  • Time Is Running Out Of SpaceVVARP

About this program

At the juncture of sonic annihilation, astral transcendence, temporal displacement and universal rhythms, stands… The Temple of Doom!