Presented by Jack Knight

Playlist for The Graveyard Shift – 2 July 2019
  • Inhale ExhaleNasum
  • netherworld realitypsychroptic
  • the matter of splatterexhumed
  • Zombiefield!The Crown
  • Post (?) OrganicDecapticated
  • DommedagsnattThorr's Hammer
  • Transform All Suffering Into PlaguesRotting Christ
  • Leap Of FaithSkeletal
  • Highly Attuned Beasts Of The DarkSuperstition
  • Uterine IndustrialisationVenom Prison
  • Black PantherDispossessed
  • Lower WorldImperial Triumphant
  • Everywhere Yet NowhereFuck The Facts
  • For I Am The LightLingua Ignota
  • death to the healingwintersun
  • venatorBe'lakor
  • the white seathe sword
  • deathlessrevocation
  • six shots of vegeancemaniax
  • silent picturesacid king
  • THC Crystal MountainCannabis Corpse
  • Hunting and Gathering Sun 0)))
  • CrossroadsRuins
  • UpHeavalOathbreaker
  • Walking Sleep, Sleeping EyeOkkultokrati
  • Hidden Under The SkinCraft
  • Curb StompAbnormality
  • Final Struggle Of SelvesTomb Mold
  • Behold The Wicked ChildIced Earth
  • A Prison of IceThe Beast Of Nod
  • Deviation Will Not Be ToleratedSkinless
  • Throne of bloodCianide
  • CarrionClagg
  • Shut Up Kiss MeAngel Olsen
  • Thanks RichardNed Collette
  • Only SkinJoanna Newsom
  • Witness (1 Hope)Roots Manuva
  • ShameWet Lips

About this program

Presented by our various Graveyarders.

The Graveyard Shift. A lucky dip of presenters and musical styles to while away the wee hours here in Melbourne or any time zone around the globe that you may find yourself in.

Whoever is in the chair, you can drop them a line via our Facebook page.