Presented by Sasha Logan

Playlist for The Graveyard Shift – 22 November 2018
  • black gate IIkali malone
  • IIBadskin
  • Chelsea BridgeNico Niquo
  • Don't Sleep I'm Not What I Seem, I'm a Very Quiet StormLeyland Kirby
  • FFRyuichi Sakamoto
  • It is no longer a question of forcing bodies to be docile or maintaining orderPapaphilia
  • Glowing TrombonesRobert Bleaker
  • OvergrowthFia Fiell
  • RamZoviet France
  • The Size of Our DesiresPuce Mary
  • Disobeyed FluteGroup A
  • Part 2Merzbow
  • 4Kyosuke Terada
  • Pulling KnotsKarli White
  • Dislocation of the AlphaAisha Devi
  • Search Another 3HQ' = lose you i), place i=0 doubt I V (Q) am x exp(√ 16π to meet you again pm2 P QPaul Jebanasam
  • Sharp ShooterNerve
  • At It AgainDemdike Stare
  • U Feel Anything?Ziúr
  • TermsChunyin
  • Balance (feat. Nahash)Osheyack
  • The PlagueGiant Swan
  • Flow State feat. IllseaTzusing
  • Death of DecadenceSilent Servant
  • Temporary Psychosis (VIP mix)Peder Mannerfelt
  • High AuthorityRebel Yell
  • Feat. LietteGesloten Cirkel
  • Heavy DuetLucy Cliche
  • CN1Cassegrain & DJ Nobo
  • Sensual MediationTrevor
  • 1985 DamageYasunobu Suzuki
  • Silences Inga Mauer
  • And With Fire Came DisparitySerena Butler
  • Give You LessAhm
  • Face the FireBoy Harsher

About this program

Presented by our various Graveyarders.

The Graveyard Shift. A lucky dip of presenters and musical styles to while away the wee hours here in Melbourne or any time zone around the globe that you may find yourself in.

Whoever is in the chair, you can drop them a line via our Facebook page.