Lu Lin takes over with Damp Ocean: a late night stream of guests × music × readings × experiments × other selected sound works to float away on. Leaky, holographic, and swampy, etc

Playlist for Tabula Rasa – 15 June 2019
  • ChristiansandsTricky
  • FalseAsuka Miyako
  • DeliæBasses-Terres
  • Protest Against The Banking Collapse in IcelandStuart Bowditch
  • System Collapse (Iceland)Stephanie Merchak
  • Closing Time; IskandariyaBrigit Pegeen Kelly
  • Deconstructed Twelve-tone Piece for Piano (Sehr Iangasm)Stephanie Merchak
  • Ancestors (feat. Kee'Ahn)DRMNGNOW
  • VenesueloGeju
  • CosmopolitanismrRoxymore
  • Fluff Piece or the Alternative Way to Have a Baby for Miss T.T (Live Agua Com Gas Remix)Rita's Uncle Teddy
  • Funky OrgansAnuwat Chamroom
  • AuraSwimful
  • The ChinwagUna Monaghan
  • Time Piece Triptych: I. Declaratives in the First PersonPamela Z
  • Ethel Dreams of Temporal DisturbancesPamela Z, Vijay Iyer, Ethel
  • Al Hobb Al MouharrebDeena Abdelwahed
  • Khi-TangTzusing
  • Siren (Reprise)Aurora Halal
  • Carnival in CasbahAbdellah M. Hassak
  • Vegas NerveBeta Librae

About this program

Each month we wipe the slate clean with new presenters getting the opportunity to share their idea for a radio show with the Triple R audience.