The Alternative History presented by Charlie Lewis

What's it like to be Stalin's favourite piano player? Or a Trans woman, belting out soul classics on mid sixties Toronto stages? Or a exiled young Angolan athlete, fighting Portuguese colonial rule in your home country, who happens to have a golden voice? The Alternative History looks at these forgotten stories and more, exploring the points at which music meets revolution.

Playlist for Summer Program: The Alternative History
  • The Great Chip TakeoverDavid Vorhaus
  • Opus 34 (Rachmaninov)Clara Rockmore
  • Main TitleLouise and Bebe Barron
  • Au Clair de la LuneEdouard Leon Scott de Martinville
  • Daisy BellMax Matthews
  • Manhatten Research IncRaymond Scott
  • LightworksRaymond Scott
  • LightworksJ Dilla
  • Armenia City in the SkyThe Who
  • Satisfied MindPete Drake
  • Sex MachineSly and the Family Stone
  • Electric To Me TurnBruce Haack
  • The Naive SongMirwais
  • Kid ARadiohead
  • Baby Can It Be TrueThe Graham Bond Organisation
  • Strawberry FieldsThe Beatles
  • Race BabblingSteve Wonder
  • stay another seasonavalanches
  • Saved By The BellRobin Gibb
  • Planet RockAfrika Bambaattaa and Soul Sonic
  • Don't CryJ Dilla
  • Hip Hop Be BopMan Parrish
  • Summer FriendsChrome the Rapper

About this program

From the rainforest to the sea, from Australia to Estonia, Strange Holiday explores proto-electronic, new-wave and oceanic sounds. Hunting for both local and foreign obscurities, Andras & Lewis try to uncover music that ties back to the roots of 3RRR, alongside new releases that typify our generations response to local music from the late '70s & 80s.