Spring Passage
Listen to Spring Passage – 9 November 202201:00:009 November 2022

Presented by Billy Shears filling in for Jess

Playlist for Spring Passage – 9 November 2022
  • OmaemoYuma Abe
  • Love Will Free Your MindSAULT
  • Building Something Beautiful For Me (Holy Presence of Joan D'Arc)Lorraine James
  • The dimension of subtle awarenessShabaka
  • A Funny Thing HappenedLaura Jean
  • Grow Taller feat. Nile MarrJade imagine
  • AtoposBjörk, Kasimym
  • O How I Miss YouBroadcast
  • Pigs ....... (In There)Robert Wyatt
  • Conservative HellDry Cleaning
  • Metal BodyEnola
  • Let the Sun Shine InSons and Daughters of Lite

About this program

A show throughout October, the thick of Spring, devoted to celebrating the fresh offerings of Australian literature. Step into the passage to hear authors and writers muse about their work, projects, and the music that accompanies their writing process.