Playlist for O' Tomorrow – 5 December 2018
  • Unknown HappinessMaher Shalal Hash Baz
  • Nokogiriyama No InuChé-SHIZU
  • Love ChantsSkirts of Rain
  • Have You Ever Been To (Electric Ladyland)Jimi Hendrix
  • My Undocumented Alien ClarinetJoe McPhee and Bryan Eubanks
  • ReflectionsLady June
  • GrassPretty Things
  • DonnyCelia Mancini
  • Pacific OceanAxemen
  • RoskoBill Direen & The Builders
  • I Experienced LoveVirna Lindt
  • First SongsMahal Shalal Hash Baz
  • Lady MargaretTrees
  • Earth ShantyGroundhogs
  • Viva La MuerteEkkoleg
  • Into The AlleyGhost
  • Improvisation #7Sabu Orimo
  • Lullaby-Song, Mother and ChildJavahe
  • RevolverMiaux
  • Grandfather Paradox (excerpt)Alexander Ross
  • Get Out Of My HouseErnie K Doe
  • CaroMina

About this program

Outsiders, The Avant-Garde, Noise, Experimental, Folk, Jazz, Pop music. Underground and other suppressed and forgotten sounds from all over the world. Music is everywhere. From the past to the future. From Brunswick to Burma. From innovators AND idiots… It's midnight.

Tomorrow has arrived.

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O'tomorrow does not rely on promo material to broadcast. Please be aware that sending something does not guarrantee airtime.