O' Tomorrow
Playlist for O' Tomorrow – 1 September 2021
  • You Can't Beat TomorrowThe Howling Hex
  • The SprawlSonic Youth
  • The Dark SpotKousokuya
  • Being Is More Than LifeBaby Grandmothers
  • Grandfather Paradox (excerpt)Alexander Ross
  • Tell Me, How Long Has ‘Trane Been Gone (For James Baldwin)Konstrukt and Joe McPhee
  • Thunderbolt Of FireBrian Crook
  • Satan WashCandlesnuffer
  • Journey #1Jack Ellitt
  • A Sow With An Abbess's Bonnet Is Sitting On Four Rock-Objects And Singing Along With Them. The Song Sounds Like A Cheater, And Is Imprisoned In A Striped Toy Box Because Its Aims Are Not Recognizable. On Top Of The Box Is A Head That Could Be Elvis's, If He Had Survived ThisThe Red Krayola
  • Crystal ShipTori Kudo
  • This is the dayCaptain Beefheart
  • Dead EchoPigeons
  • Raga for riding mowerWillie Lane

About this program

Outsiders, The Avant-Garde, Noise, Experimental, Folk, Jazz, Pop music. Underground and other suppressed and forgotten sounds from all over the world. Music is everywhere. From the past to the future. From Brunswick to Burma. From innovators AND idiots… It's midnight.

Tomorrow has arrived.

If you make something that you think I might be interested in, whether it be music, literature, social or art related, please feel free to send it to the station. Address it to O'tomorrow, c/o RRRFM. (the address can be found at the bottom of the page under the "Contact Us" heading.)

O'tomorrow does not rely on promo material to broadcast. Please be aware that sending something does not guarrantee airtime.