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Playlist for Indigenuity: Hosted by Alex Watts – 12 June 2022
  • SaunaFrollen Music Library
  • The Groove (Tasty Remix)Doobie Powell feat. Doug Wimbish
  • All that You Want (Joe Goddard Remix)Ibibio Sound Machine
  • UncoverEmma Volard
  • The Ministry of Social AffairsPJ Harvey
  • Camper VanFrollen Music Library
  • Victory DanceEzra Collective
  • Hot MusicSoho
  • ZoomLeikeli47
  • SoldierErykah Badu
  • Good CompanyButtering Trio
  • PropulsionBatavia Collective
  • Can’t ScapeArgia
  • Just Can't Stay AwayDon Blackman
  • Little Piece of SandFrollen Music Library

About this program

A weekly conversation with Indigenous knowledge holders, showcasing all forms of Indigenous ingenuity.