Graveyard Shift Program Image 2021

Presented by Hugh Goad

Playlist for Graveyard Shift – 27 August 2022
  • SlaughterBlack Uhuru
  • Sleep Deer MusheeAvvitagalli
  • Exquisite CorpseTara Clerk Trio
  • Violas and LupitasDanger Mouse
  • Krazy WorldKing Geedorah
  • LA AnthemJ Rocc
  • Gizli DuygularAnadol
  • Frozen Chips SandwichFroid Dub
  • Dance Of The Fisherman's WifeTaras Bulba
  • TerrahawkDerek Carr
  • Uncle Daddyµ-Ziq
  • 2020Tomsk
  • Everyday (Live at RRR)Cash Savage & the Last Drinks
  • DarknessWorkhorse
  • WindowDehd
  • Anna Calls From The ArcticDry Cleaning
  • Boston DynamicsPeace De Resistance
  • Pictures of Matchstick MenStatus Quo
  • Insufficient FundsEddie Current and the Suppression Ring
  • ComicVelatine
  • Always Crashing In The Same CarDavid Bowie

About this program

A space for new and emerging broadcasters on Triple R. Presented by rotating hosts.