Summer Programming 2
Listen to Ebb Tide – 8 January 202302:00:008 January 2023
Playlist for Ebb Tide – 8 January 2023
  • Ebb TideSanto and Johnny
  • Captain Cat Love SongFreddie Jones/Mark Hopkin
  • WavesDiana Kiss
  • Man OverboardDo Re Mi
  • The Oil Rigs At NightThe Delines
  • If I Had A BoatLyle Lovett
  • Missed the BoatModest Mouse
  • SingaporeTom Waits
  • Ocean DeepBroderick Smith
  • The Thought Of All That OceanJackie Marshall
  • Ship In My HarbourBilly Bragg
  • I Cover The WaterfrontBillie Holiday
  • Ghost ShipsThe Saints
  • AnchorRuby Gill
  • AnchorParvyn
  • SubmarineMarcel Borrack
  • Five BellsJohn Doyle, Mick Thomas, Sally Dastey and Dan Warner

About this program

Once again, Dan Warner nudges JVG aside to present his summer fill show, Ebb Tide. A stickler for research, Dan delves into the histories and meanings of the songs on his playlist. Not too much chat, however, more a stitching together of the tunes of the day.