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Playlist for Cease And Desist with LK Creative Victoria
  • Running Out Of TimeRexy
  • The ArtistCured Pink
  • BlonegmeddyliauDatblygu
  • What I Wouldn't GivePink industry
  • Nothing But Net ft Your Old DroogMach Hommy
  • Social Media (ft Tha God Fahim)Mach HOmmy
  • Kick A Dope Verse ft BobbitoThe Cenobites
  • No ChorusDr. Dooom
  • Glock In My HandThe Legend Lady J
  • Greenfield Morning I Pushed An Empty Baby Carriage All Over The CityYoko Ono
  • Never Say GoodbyeYoko Ono
  • I Have A WomanLion
  • Suicide CommandoRoly
  • 2017DLVRNC
  • I Want To ScreamLaughing Clowns
  • Hero Of The WarScott Walker
  • October ManBill Nelson
  • skywalkerbabyfather
  • Bank of MelbourneLK Creative
  • My EnemyJ. McFarlane's Reality Guest
  • Corporation GamesTelekenet
  • Animal Planet ForeverThe Blues Brothters

About this program

Outsiders, outcasts and outlaws. Discarding genre to bring you forgotten gems and underground hits.