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Playlist for Cease And Desist – 27 January 2022
  • DjambukiWaak Waak Djungi
  • Unseasonable WarmthExek
  • Birds in Your GardenLOU
  • You Can FallBroadcast
  • Ho (Live At Loop 2003)HTRK
  • JenniferFaust
  • You Gotta Give Me SomethingJACKY WINTER
  • Future CreamTotal Control
  • Other Men's GirlsBaxter Dury
  • Look Like An AngelOister
  • Don't Go To StrangersJJ Cale
  • Computer AgeNeil Young
  • Par HasardMikado De Paris
  • And Then I Kissed Your LipsGary Wilson
  • VelodromeRichard H Kirk
  • Pick A DubKeith Hudson
  • Silent Street | Silent DubMaximum Joy
  • Ein Girl Wie Du Ein Typ Wie IchDas Lunsentrio
  • She's Lost ControlGrace Jones
  • Forge Your Own ChainsD.R Hooker
  • LA Hills Burn At The Peak Of WinterCroatian Amor

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Outsiders, outcasts and outlaws. Discarding genre to bring you forgotten gems and underground hits.