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Playlist for Cease And Desist – 25 November 2021
  • Running Out Of TimeRexy
  • North By NorthThe Bats
  • Evergreen DazedFelt
  • Summer Is A Small TownCleaners From Venus
  • I Was A Mod Before You Was A ModTelevision Personalities
  • The Breaking HandsThe Gun Club
  • Time WasCanned Heat
  • The Lighter Side Of DatingMonochrome Set
  • Y TeimladDatblygu
  • David I Hope You Don’t MindCountry Teasers
  • Tale Of My Lost LoveFemale Species
  • The Advertising SongSuzanne Menzel
  • Has No EnishiDip In The Pool
  • Nice MoverGina X Performance
  • Today ft. Sui ZhenTornado Wallace
  • In The CityAnika
  • Yama YamaYamasuki
  • KateChandra
  • Frozen Chips SandwichFroid Dub
  • Premières GeléesCharlotte Leclerc
  • PanoramaChateau
  • Dance Boy DanceAlexander Robotnick
  • Bacchanales EstardiennesBernard Estardy
  • Piss SlaveSmokey
  • I Need A FreakSexual Harrassment

About this program

Outsiders, outcasts and outlaws. Discarding genre to bring you forgotten gems and underground hits.