Listen to Blindspotting – 28 December 202302:00:0028 December 2023
Playlist for Blindspotting – 28 December 2023
  • SlowRoye
  • ThresholdHannah McKittrick
  • A little pointless storyFlaaryr
  • CloseEllen Arkbro Johan Graden
  • Very Cool and Smart PersonBilly Cart
  • CheatingVernetain Blinds
  • Country Justice XI.e crazy
  • PulseVACUUM
  • Whatever Happened- DemoThe Daily Commuters
  • Sally ConstituentDumbhead
  • SwampyDregs
  • ChariotLorelei K
  • Girl, USweet Whirl
  • Bone Marrow Stem CellEaster
  • Shady LaneRonnie P
  • Donnie & LaurieLaurie Spiegel and DON Christensen
  • ElidaMeril Wubslin
  • Call this # NowThe Garden

About this program

Society often has ‘blind spots’ when it comes to our youth, failing to hold space for their stories. This show serves as a stage for their talents - allowing their voices to be heard, their artistry to be seen, and their impact to be celebrated.