Playlist for Astral Glamour – 17 June 2019
  • .....mi homunculoque sale
  • ....fallin flores finger empathy
  • love storykeiichi sokabe
  • we are only dancingcoloured music
  • torokkomasataro naoe
  • worry beadsharuomi hosono
  • lunar eclipsebutterfly child
  • strangely beautifultelevision personalties
  • flamingo roadDavid Johansen
  • beyonder ( the hymn )huckle
  • carnivalwest minist'r
  • hitch hiking to nowhereJo'el
  • pastoralmoondog
  • traumereikoharu kisaragi
  • oriental dollsJames harpham
  • SundanceJeanne lee
  • kosmos 1&2Fabriano fusion
  • ...le fin de la vie, le debut de la
  • trazanCyril Lefebvre
  • chegadaJoyce moreno

About this program

A music program exploring wide range of sounds. Psychedelic, Pop, Rock, DIY/Private Press, Folk, R&B, Post Punk, Synth/Ambient & more.

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