Astral Glamour Program Image 2020
Playlist for Astral Glamour – 27 September 2021
  • he was my gangcheval sombre
  • treeswasted cathedral
  • south van nessDerek monypenny
  • over ett faltklas trollius
  • I am artistpeople like us
  • I was made for summer night??
  • singlemindenessstefan christensen
  • knockinmj lenderman
  • goin to Acapulcowet tuna
  • going downbody dilloway nice
  • moths of the moonthe undertow
  • mad smilesperhaps
  • the activistmarc ritbot
  • communicationnights on Saturn

About this program

A music program exploring wide range of sounds. Psychedelic, Pop, Rock, DIY/Private Press, Folk, R&B, Post Punk, Synth/Ambient & more.