John Ford

How did you first connect with Triple R?

Moved down from Sydney and saw all those damn stickers on all the best looking cars (it's all subjective...) in Melbourne so I had to tune in and see what was going on.

What/when was your first show?

Radio Marinara, start of this year 2008.

What's your favourite Triple R story?

Going live from our OB at Vic Markets this August when we had no idea and were still trying to set up our mics, quite a good few seconds of silence punctuated by a bit of "Is this mic working?" and "Can't hear you Dave". Pure radio professionalism.

Your favourite other Triple R program and why?

Dirty Deeds because I'm a gardening tragic as well as a salty seadog. Keeps me up to date with the seasons (as if diving in Port Phillip Bay didn't tell me that!) and what I'm neglecting to plant. Love those guys.

What does Triple R mean to you?

Community, Connection, Culture

The studio door has accidentally jammed shut with you stuck inside. If there was only one CD in there with you what would you want it to be and why?

Monty Python's Greatest Hits. I'd act out all the movies and skits. And you'd hate me for it.

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