Subscriber Benefits? What Is This Thing of Which You Speak?

8 April 2019
Subscriber Benefits - Crowd Photo

If you’re new to the Triple R universe, and you’re hearing all this chit-chat about why you oughta subscribe, you might be scratching your head, going, ‘Huh? Subscribe? Why the hell would you subscribe to this thing?’

Allow us to explain. Ahem.

Triple R is a community media organisation – fully independent from corporate or government influence. That’s one of the reasons it’s so great. Independent media is ace. It’s also important for making sure voices and opinions from right across the community get heard.

But how do we keep the lights on, if corporations with deep pockets or the government don’t kick in cash? This is where subscribing comes into the picture.

Triple R asks that the people out there who enjoy what we do stick their hand in their pocket and shell out a few coins in exchange for an annual subscription.

It is literally how we can afford to exist. And grow, and get better, and keep providing a platform for independent music and diverse voices, and provide media training, and provide volunteer opportunities (Triple R is powered by over 800 volunteers alongside a handful of paid staff members), and keep putting on events… and lots more stuff.

You get lots of stuff out of subscribing, too! Subscribers can:

  • Go in the running to come to Triple R subscriber events, including our Live to Air shows in the station’s Performance Space and preview film screenings at local cinemas;
  • Call up to win heaps of on-air prizes throughout the year (tickets to gigs, movies and more);
  • Get discounts to businesses around town;
  • Get full access the Triple R audio archives;
  • Get free event promotion via;
  • Receive The Trip mag in your letterbox three times a year;
  • Receive the iconic 3RRR FM bumper sticker to whack on your car (or laptop, or fridge, or wherever you want).

Plus, if you subscribe during April Amnesty, you also automatically go in the draw to win some bloody amazing prizes.

But best of all, you keep us going. And that really is amazing.

Triple R: subscriber-funded media. By the people, for the people.