Quiz: Triple R Trivia

31 August 2021
Radiothon 2021 Profile Pic Artwork

Artwork by Carolyn Hawkins

How well do you know Your Station? Put that noggin of yours to work and see if you can figure out the answers to these Triple R trivia questions! (Scroll down for the answers – no peeking, though.)


  1. Triple R was established in which year?
  2. Name the Melbourne university that first housed Triple R.
  3. How many shows are currently on the grid? a) 39, b) 73, or c) 99?
  4. Which tram travels past the Triple R building each day?
  5. Each month approximately how many people listen to the station via 102.7FM, 3RRR Digital and streaming online via rrr.org.au? a) Around half a million, b) Over 750,000, or c) Over 1,000,000?
  6. Before moving to its current home in Brunswick East, which suburb was home to the station?
  7. How many people currently subscribe to Triple R? a) Around 10,000, b) Almost 15,000, or c) Over 20,000?
  8. What is the name of the program that airs from 6am to 9am each weekday?
  9. In 2016, Triple R’s office came under threat from which of the following? a) Flood, b) Fire, or c) Termites?
  10. Radio Marinara, Radiotherapy and Einstein A Go-Go are all shows that air on which day of the week?
  11. In the decades before Triple R moved in, what was produced in the sawtooth-style warehouse that the station now occupies? a) Shoes, b) Underwear, or c) Jeans?
  12. Before the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, approximately how many people would volunteer in the phone room during Triple R’s annual fundraiser Radiothon? a) 50, b) 100, or c) 200?
  13. If you stacked all of the CDs from Triple R’s music library on top of each other, they would be about as high as the Eureka tower. Laid out flat end to end, they would stretch from the station to the CBD and back again. Approximately how many CDs are in the music library? a) 10,000, b) 20,000, or c) 40,000?
  14. The Performance Space at Triple R has hosted hundreds of artists and speakers from overseas and around the corner for more than a decade. In what year did it host its first gig?
  15. The tower that transmits Triple R’s FM frequency across the Melbourne metro area and beyond is located in which mountain range? a) The Dandenongs, b) The You Yangs, or c) The Yarra Ranges?
  16. Just before 9am every Saturday and Sunday, Triple R airs a short segment about low-cost family friendly events that listeners might be interested in. What is it called?
  17. When Triple R turned 40, the station celebrated with a massive retrospective exhibition and live performances on the steps of which Melbourne CBD institution?
  18. The tagline for last year’s Radioton was “Now more than ever, …” a) “I care, I subscribe”, b) “I subscribe to survive”, or c) “I listen, I subscribe”?


  1. 1976
  2. RMIT University
  3. 73
  4. The 96 Tram
  5. c) Over 1,000,000
  6. Fitzroy
  7. c) Over 20,000
  8. Breakfasters
  9. a) Flood. A car crashed into a fire hydrant on Blyth Street, causing a fountain of water to stream into the Triple R building through the eaves, soaking swathes of the office.
  10. Sunday
  11. b) Underwear
  12. c) 200
  13. c) 40,000
  14. 2009
  15. a) The Dandenongs
  16. Things To Do Today
  17. The State Library of Victoria
  18. “I listen, I subscribe.”

This quiz originally appeared in the Radiothon 2021 edition of Triple R's subscriber magazine, The Trip.