Photo Gallery: Triple R Live at the Immigration Museum

4 March 2024
Immigration Museum OB 1

Photo credit: Bec Hornsby

Last Saturday, Triple R headed down to the Immigration Museum to celebrate the launch of their latest exhibition Joy!

Co-hosts Samira Farah of The Score and Kiwat Kennell of The Exchange hung out and chatted with a bunch of the artists from the exhibition about their installations – if you missed out on the special broadcast, you can listen back On Demand now.

Joy features seven vibrant, newly commissioned room-sized installations by Elyas Alavi (with Sher Ali), Spencer Harrison, Nadia Hernandez, Nixi Killick, Jazz Money, Beci Orpin and Callum Preston. Joy immerses the visitor in captivating creator-led spaces that express their own personal joy, where big joyous moments coexist with more reflective ones. Every space tells a story, and every colour paints a feeling.

Joy is open now until August 29 2024 at the Immigration Museum, 400 Flinders Street, Melbourne.

Scroll on down for photos from the day! Photos by Bez Zewdie and Bec Hornsby.

Immigration OB 2

Kiwat and Samira in Callum Preston's Videoland.

Immigration OB 7

Speaking to Callum Preston about his immersive world!

Immigration OB 3

Hanging out with Nixi Killick 

Immigration OB 4

Speaking with Linda Sproul

Immigration Museum OB 5

Moritz and Karl making our outside broadcast possible!

Immigration OB 6

Chatting to Spencer Harrison

Immigration OB 8

Walking through Spencer Harrison's immerseive work.

Immigration OB 9

In conversation with Nixi Killick