Photo Gallery: Smithie’s Farewell Broadcast

20 December 2021

With a little help from a whole lot of friends, we celebrated the Tune Lord’s last-ever edition of Breakfasters live from The Corner Hotel Rooftop. Thanks a mill, Sarah! And thanks to Young Henrys for making this very special event possible.


Breakfasters Sarah Farewell OB Main

Smithie, Bobby and Daniel.

Smithie OB Dr Jen

Dr Jen.

Smithie OB Hayley Inch

It was also Hayley Inch's last-ever Breakfasters! Thank you, you utter cinematic gem!

Smithie OB Kate Langbroek

Former Breafaster Kate Langbroek.

Smithie OB Michael Harden and Digga

Foodie Michael Harden and gardening expert Digga.

Smithie OB Laura Dunemann and Nat Harris

Friday Funnybuggers Laura Dunemann and Nat Harris.

Photo by Cat Black

Smithie OB Jeff Sparrow and Geraldine Hickey

Former Breakfasters Jeff Sparrow and Geraldine Hickey.

Photo by Cat Black

Smithie OB Peggy O'Neal

Richmond FC President Peggy O'Neal.

Smithie OB Monique Sebire

Mon Sebire joins Breakfasters from February 7.

Smithie OB Jen Cloher

Jen Cloher performs live.

Photo by Cat Black

Smithie OB Elizabeth and Bec

Breakfasters Producer Elizabeth McCarthy and Triple R Program Manager Bec Hornsby.

Photo by Cat Black