Photo Gallery: Radiothon 2021 Behind The Scenes

30 August 2021

Check out this year’s Radiothon celebrations: the snazzy decorations around the station, the poster-laden building, and (most importantly) the presenters behind the mics!

Getting Ready...

R21 Decorations 1
Radiothon Decorations 2
Radiothon 2021 Decorations 3
Radiothon 21 Decorations 4
Radiothon 2021 Decorations 5
Radiothon 2021 Decorations 5

It Begins! Day 1...

Breakfasters R21 Day 1

Breakfasters kick off Radiothon 2021!

Biggsy R21


Ennio R21

Ennio Styles: bringing us radio that's anything but cooked.

Steve Wide R21

The one and only Steve Wide.

Here Comes The Weekend...

Shortie Annaliese R21

The best of times: Shortie's Bright Lights to Annaliese's Neon Sunset.

Tim and Denise R21

Two more reasons to love weekends on Triple R: Vital Bits' Tim Thorpe and Twang's Denise Hylands.

Steve Cross and John Bailey R21

Would it even be Radiothon without a Stolen Orgy, courtesy of Beat Orgy's Steve Cross and Stolen Moments' John Bailey?

Marinara Remote Subscribers R21

Live from Antarctica! Two of Triple R's most remote subscribers dial in to Radio Marinara.

Sunday Talks R21

The Sunday morning crew, bringing us informative chat, week in, week out.

Eat It R21

Eat It co-hosts Cam and Matt: ready to serve up some delicious radio.

Jazz R21

Jazz, always bringing us awesome tunes on Good Fortune.

Day 4

Breakfasters R21 2

Breakfasters jump back behind the mics!

Grapevine and Krystal De Napoli R21

Monday radio greatness with The Grapevine's Dylan and Kulja and Indigenuity's Krystal De Napoli.

Zero G R21

Essential listening: Megan and Rob on Zero-G.

Joe R21

Cheers, Joe! Another brilliant Radiothon Astral Glamour show, done.

Maps Radiothon 2021

Fee brings us a massive Radiothon edition of Maps!

Primal Screen Radiothon 2021

Our resident film experts get together for a very special Primal Screen.

Local and or General Radiothon 2021

It's Jas with Local and/or General!

Full Circle Radiothon 2021

A Radiothon edition of Full Circle with the wonderful Milly!

Everyday People Radiothon 2021

The always-awesome Vanessa Morris wraps up Monday night with a huge episode of Everday People.

Day 5!

Breakfasters 30 Aug Radiothon 2021

Kicking off Tuesday in the best possible way: with some Radiothon cheer from Breakfasters.

Uncommon and Good Dub Radiothon 2021

Non-stop brilliant radio with Uncommon Sense's Amy Mullins and Systa BB from The Good, The Dub & The Global.

Double Bounce Radiothon 2021

The sound of Tuesday arvos: Double Bounce with the wonderful Vaughan (who also celebrated his birthday on his Radiothon show!).

Superfluity Radiothon 2021

The Superfluity crew, free-associating their way into our hearts.

Requiem and O'Tomorrow Radiothon 2021

Tuesday's late-night legends of the airwaves: Requiem For A Scream's Mia Timpano and O'Tomorrow's Downpat!

Another Day of Radiothon, Another Day to Celebrate Triple R

Breakfasters 1 Sept Radiothon 2021

Hello, Breakfasters!

The Score

The amazing Samira presenting the very first Radiothon edition of The Score!

Backstory Radiothon 2021

Book-lovers unite for Backstory!

Glasshouse 2021 Radiothon

Beth AQ, providing an essential space on-air for spoken word artists, poets, sound makers and storytellers of all kinds on The Glasshouse. Thank you, Beth!

New and Groovy Radiothon 2021

Where would we be without the one and only Johnny Topper?

Out On The Patio Radiothon 2021

Let's hear it for Out On The Patio's Monique Sebire!

Byte Radiothon 2021
Carew and Tristen Harris Radiothon 2021

Wednesday evening Radiothon, brought to you by the exceptional Anthony Carew (The International Pop Underground) and Tristen Harris (The Golden Age Of Priacy).

Mooncake Radiothon 2021

Seeing us through till 2am is the wonderful Small FRY with Mooncake! Thank you for keeping the vibe just right, Small FRY.


SmartArts Radiothon 2021

Richard Watts, host of SmartArts. What an essential service.

Get Down Respect the Rock Radiothon 2021

Two truly epic Radiothon shows: Get Down and Respect The Rock!

Breaking and Entering Radiothon 2021

Breaking And Entering's Lauren and Simon. Words do no justice to the joy and wonder they bring to our Thursdays.

Crawdaddy and Aisha Radiothon 2021

Winding up Thursdays with Son Of Crawdaddy and Mystyifying Melbourne? An excellent choice, indeed. Thank you, Max and Aisha!