2023 Summer Programming is Here!

11 December 2023
Summer Programming 2023

Image credit: Catherine Huang

As our regular broadcasters take a break over summer, we welcome a ripple of new voices (as well as some old favourites!) to the Triple R airwaves as they educate, entertain and excite. Feast your ears on everything from comedy, sport, chickens and love chats, plus plenty of new music shows as well. Get to know our Summer Programs below!


1800ClimateEmergency with Teneille Clerke and Tobias Manderson-Galvin
7-8pm, 26 December - 9 January
At 1800-Climate-Emergency we understand that everyone’s experience of impending doom is different. We are here to listen to your concerns and tailor a personalised climate action plan for your personal needs/fears.

Our live HOTline is open to those experiencing climate distress - due to the increasingly alarming state of the world - to offer guidance on how to take action and prepare for the disastrous 6th Great Exctinction. How many cans of peaches will you need? Trackies will be fine, right? Should we pack Settlers of Catan?

Join Teneille Clerke, Tobias Manderson-Galvin, and guests as they broadcast live from an apocalypse bunker under the RRR studios, to take your calls.

Connecting with others, talking about your worries, and having your fears - no matter how big or small - heard by thousands of listeners over the airwaves - goes a long way towards easing climate distress. Call us now!

The Outs with Anthony Beech
8-10pm, 12 December - 2 January
From the underground and beyond.

b*tchcraft with Snoopy Lo-Booth and Ruth McHugh-Dillon
8-10pm, 9 January - 30 January
A feminist unpacking of what's going on this week interspersed with music by femme-identifying artists.

The Temple of Doom with The High Druid
10pm - midnight, 2 January - 23 January
At the juncture of sonic annihilation, astral transcendence, temporal displacement and universal rhythms, stands… The Temple of Doom!

Cool Change with Peter Tantanis
midnight - 2am, 19 December - 30 January
Locally leaning music, summer motifs, and hopefully temperature drops.


Jeepney Jams with Mo'Ju
2-4pm, 27 December - 12 February
Your island summer staycay.

Undercurrents with Judith Peppard
7-8pm, 20 December - 31 January
A road trip through Chicago Blues... Nullarbor caves... First People’s music... environmental activism, and so much more.

Date Night with Catherine Huang
10pm-midnight, 13 December - 10 January
For the lovers, whoever yours might be. A fun and flirty music show with a dabble of chatter.

Blindspotting with Monika Vidugiryte and Ben Harrington
midnight-2am, 13 December - 17 January
Society often has ‘blind spots’ when it comes to our youth, failing to hold space for their stories. This show serves as a stage for their talents - allowing their voices to be heard, their artistry to be seen, and their impact to be celebrated.


YesYesYes with Oliver Coleman
7-8pm, 21 December - 25 January
Summer fun! Come surf the airwaves with YesYesYes.

Cowabunga! Splish Splash Sploosh. What do you ride? Short Board? Long Board?Yewwwwwwwwwwwwww!! YessssssssYesssssssYesssssssss!

YesYesYes is an ensemble of comedians (Yuck!) known for their chaotic live comedy shows around Melbourne and now they’re bringing their idiocy to 3RRR. Pump up the bass! Put your dog in the laundry! This will be loud!

You know when you walk into the ocean and look out at the horizon and feel small and insignificant but also completely at peace and connected to all the wonders of the universe. Listening to this radio show is like that feeling. But also it’s the opposite of that feeling.

I don’t really know. All I know is that I love you. XXX

Blue Magic with Mothafunk
midnight-2am, 14 December - 4 January
Whether you’re up late or just awake, stay up to date with Mothafunk spinning new & old obscure cuts that you should know.


Low Wattage with Liz Watt
7-10pm, 29 December - 2 February
A weekly selection of uplifting low wattage sounds.

Loose Joints with Nicole Jones
10pm-midnight, 22 December - 19 January
Friday night dance and electronica. All killer, no filler.


No Shape with Adam Christou
midday-2pm, 30 December - 20 January
A splash of weirdo releases from beyond the reaches of time and space.


A Sporting Discussion with Andrew Donnison and AJ Mithen
9am - 10am, 24 December - 28 January
Andrew Donnison and AJ Mithen chat about the week in Australian sports.

This Chicken Life with Fiona Scott-Norman and Jessamy Miller
10am - 11am, 17 December - 28 January
Hensperts Fiona Scott-Norman and Jessamy Miller with an upbeat, free-ranging guide to the complex needs and lives of our chicken friends, and how having a few chooks around makes everything better. Talk-back and special guests, expert advice and grooving chook-themed funk and blues.

Live Transmission with Jenny Davis
11am - midday, 24 December - 7 January
We’re back with a historical look at local science and technology - this time on the banks of our beautiful Maribyrnong River. There’s sugar, explosives, meat - and even a brave and determined pigeon! Join Jenny Davis and her guests this summer for a dive into the fascinating past on the lands west of our city.

Paddock to Plate with Alice Mathieu
midday-1pm, 7 January - 28 January
Paddock To Plate looks at how food is grown, processed and made available to consumers. The food industry is a complex and broad-ranging global system that includes agriculture, manufacturing, food processing, marketing, logistics, retail, regulation, and research and development. It faces the challenge of providing sufficient food to a global population that is predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050, amidst limited land, water and energy resources. The current food system has thus emerged as a critical issue, as it impacts environmental, community, and economic sustainability, human rights, policy and health. Paddock To Plate tackles current problems and unpacks future directions for the food industry.

High Tide with Meaghan Weiley
2-4pm, 24 December - 28 January
The sister program to overnight pop-up show The Aquarium. The fusion of genres, movements, and waves of sound, all crashing together in harmony.

Damp Ocean with Lu Lin
4-6pm, 17 December - 28 January
A stream of selected sound works to float away on. Leaky, holographic, and swampy, etc!