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'All News Is Good News' is the debut album from Melbourne-based soul band Surprise Chef. It's the first full-length release on the local label College of Knowledge Records, and follows several key 7" singles from Karate Boogaloo, The Pro-Teens and Surprise Chef. 'All News is Good News' is very good news for lovers of cinematic soul, dusty breakbeats and melodic grooves. Rich instrumentals are played by the core group alongside skilful guest performers on bass flute, vibraphone, saxophone, congas, percussion and more. Lachlan Stuckey from Surprise Chef explains the importance of community, creativity and curiosity in a statement: “We wanted to make a record that reflected the connections we have within our tight-knit musical circle - All News Is Good News was recorded in our home and played, mixed and mastered by friends from different corners of our musical family. The title is an observation that every experience you have contributes to a better understanding of yourself and the world around you.”

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Surprise Chef - All News Is Good News

All News Is Good News

Surprise Chef